In order to avoid the off chance that two people decide to work on a new page for the same scene at the same time, you can claim an ASFR scene for which you are planning on writing an article on here. To add yourself to the list, simply add your information to the table below (Visual mode users: right click the last entry on the table, go to rows, and then insert row after)

  • For Contributor, please write your name. If you have a wikia account, please use the name used on your account. Otherwise, leave a username you use on another site followed by the name of said site in parentheses.
  • For scene, state the name of the series/movie and episode number if applicable. If you do not have that information ready, provide a very brief description of the scene (Less than 30 words preferred).
  • For reason for claiming, provide a short reason for why you have claimed it. Reasons may include things like "Already possess high quality screenshots", "have video", and so on. You can choose to leave this blank if you have no reason.

If the user who has made a claim on a scene has not written the article for said scene within a week of claiming it, they will lose that claim as well as the right to claim any other scene for an additional week. Attempts to ignore your punishment may result in a ban from making edits to the wiki. Users may remove themselves from the list before the week expires without penalty. Users may claim no more than five articles at once. Please be kind and remove yourself from the list once you have written the article.

If this system doesn't work, another system will be implemented shortly.

The ListEdit

Contributor Scene Reason for Claiming