One of the AbaRangers friends, Emiri (an Asian girl with glasses wearing a bikini), is turned into a "Venus de Milo"-like statue by an enemy's projectile during a beach trip. She looks shocked. The transformation starts where the projectile hits her (her face) and expands quickly to her whole body. The texture is marblish. There are lots of views of the statue afterwards. She also gets restored in the credits.


Review Score User
"A great scene, she is very cute and the effect looks very good." 5/5 wazzupg
"Not bad a all. Nice subject, nice effect, and we see the statue several times."  4/5 asfr11
"The effect looks really good and it's a nice pose.  More clear shots of the statue would be nice, though."  4/5 StoneLad
"An Excellent scene with a cute girl in a bikini and nice Petrification effect" 5/5 Boundy22


The transformation scene:</p>

The Full Edited Scene (New Link):