This episode contains plenty of petrification.  First of all, as a demonstration of her powers, the villain Yamira turns a villager in a bikini to stone.  The transformation is nearly instant and the statue merely stares forward.  The statues have a rather rough texture and are a nice dark grey.  Later, the hero Dar explores Yamira's statue guarden which features plenty of stoic-looking statues covered in vines, showing that they've likely been there a long while.  Near the end of the episode, one of Dar's friends turns to stone.  Finally, Yamira herself also becomes a statue.


In Season 3, Episode 13 of Beastmaster (perfectly titled "Turned to Stone"), Dar arrives in a village where his brother - who is turned into a goat - is being held.  Yamira the demon comes and uses her eyes to turn a villager to stone.  She then challenges Dar to three tasks.

In the end, Dar, two of Dar's friends, and Yamira have a face-off on the beach.  One of the friends who had spent the episode separated from the rest of the group and doesn't know of Yamira is quickly turned to stone. In the end, Dar uses a sword to show Yamira her own reflection, turning her to stone and freeing the rest of the statues.


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"An episode full of ASFR content.  Unfortunately, there is a lack of very very good and lengthy close-ups and the statues fall just short of looking exactly like the victims. However, it's still a very very good series of scenes and the statue garden is a brilliant touch." 4/5 StoneLad
"The models are good, but the statues lack a lot of detail. Besides, we've yet to see this clip in a decent quality (all we have are VCRrips...). Anyway, it's a classic, so you should see it." 3/5 asfr11


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