Features a blond model that gets turned into a stone statue by a magic spell.

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Rosske wants to boost the image of the bank by an advertising campaign developed by him and has engaged for this purpose a top photographer plus supermodel. The photographer is none other than Bob's old buddy Mike. The two have not seen each other for several years, and arrange to meet for the evening, in the Bauermann's. Mike is a nice guy, did not change with success and money. He has only one fault, he always ends up with the wrong woman. For dinner, he brings his girlfriend Nathalie, the supermodel. While Bernd and Mike indulge in old times, Katja tries to take care of Nathalie. Not so easy, because the model is indeed beautiful, but also bitchy, self-centered and quite rude. Katja's patience wears thin: a short spell and the bitchy supermodel turns into a stone statue. Unfortunately, the return spell is not easy and needs time...

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Bernds Hexe FULL asfr

Bernds Hexe FULL asfr

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