It starts out with a swimsuit-clad girl at a sunny beach. After the girl sips away the last drop of her Capri Sun pouch, she looked around the beach to make sure nobody's around before mischievously burying the empty pouch under the sand to avoid the hassle of disposing it properly. She immediately gets punished however, as a mysterious explosion erupted underneath the girl, promptly turning her body into wet sand and her hair into seaweed.  


An episode in the "Disrepectoids" series which involves various kids that appear in Capri Sun commercials, where they would find ways to destroy the empty Capri Sun pouch, only to suffer severe repercussions later. One such episode involves a girl turned into a sand statue after she buried an empty pouch in sand.



Sandy Mandy is awsome!!!!-3

Sandy Mandy is awsome!!!!-3

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