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Similar to other transformations involve turning victims into materials such as stone, ice, gold and etcetera, mannequin transformation involves turning the victim into a living mannequin, where its body is converted into wood, plastic, or fiberglass.

Unlike other transformations however, mannequin transformation is unique in a way where the victim's transformed body is given 'joints' which allows the victim's limbs to be removed and reattached without repercussions, or in some cases, readjusted in order to give the victim's body a 'more convincing' pose.

File:Turned to a Mannequin

As the name of the transformation itself implies, victims that are turned into mannequins are often dressed up in exotic clothing before being placed onto display in a boutique shop during business hours, or stored away (while commonly undressed) in a warehouse for future possible use.

Note : Speaking of detachable mannequin limbs, several ASFR works may involve mix-and-matching fake (or other unfortunate victim's) mannequin parts with the victim for hilarious results. However, restoration with mismatching limbs is often inadvisable.

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