Yui is petrified by a spit-like projectile that hit her boot without her knowing. The goo-ish material begins spreading quickly up her body. As it spreads, Yui becomes stuck in a sort of stunned post, mouth agate. When the spreading is complete, the material turns from a dark greenish-grey to a light grey color. The statue falls over, lifeless.

There's no special lighting effects or textures, just a nice light grey color on the body. The main difference other than color between the statue and the normal human is that all details in the iris have been removed, giving the statue a blank stare.

When Freeze is petrified later in the episode, the petrification process is the same. Her pose is different, with her sort of shocked or surprised and a very slight look of annoyance in the eyes.


In the 42nd episode of Corrector Yui (or Season 2, Episode 17) titled "Do it, Corrector Haruna", Corrector Yui is petrified by the spit-like projectile of a monster.  Later in the episode, one of the series' villains, Freeze, is also petrified by the monster.  Yui's best friend Haruna returns to action as a Corrector and in the end defeats the monster, returning Yui and the rest of the statues to normal.


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"A rather nice scene that's pushed from decent to great by Yui's pose. I absolutely adore the look on her face - it's one of complete helplessness. The statue falling over is a very nice touch as well." 4/5 StoneLad