A monster with laser eyes turns a bunch of people to stone. Anybody hit with the petrifying lasers starts to turn to stone slowly from the bottom up. Victims are conscious and aware of what's happening during the transformation process. The statues have a grey appearance and have less details than the normal victims (example: the lines around the irises are incomplete, as are those around certain clothing items). There's also extra lines for enhanced effect. There's also a light realistic texture.

It's worth noting that although the show refers to the people as turning to stone, closer examination of the scene shows that there appears to be a layer of stone covering them so it could be encasement.


In this episode, a monster created by the villain Cobraja that turns people to stone. Interestingly enough, the monster is a girl despite her looks, and gets ecstatic when confronted with cute things. Cure Blossom overhears Cobraja offending the monster by saying it's good for a girl, which gives away vital information that allows the Cures to purify it and thus return all of the statues to normal.


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"Pretty Cure once again delivers a great petrification scene. The actual effect on the statues looks really great, as do the poses. I wish there were more statues and a few older victims, as well as more shots of the statues. Still really good, though." 4/5 StoneLad