Issue of the DC comic book featuring LOIS LANE reporter and SUPERMANS girlfriend..

LOIS LANES FUTURE HUSBAND is issue 90. LOIS is worn out - suffering from dizzy spells and she goes to her parents for a rest. There she meets DARNELL a doctor with unusual talents and a secret- he is like superman a kryptonian who was sent off by his father but his ship has caused her dizzy spells. He shows her her equipment including a plastimold machine that lois uses to turn herself into a new woman literally. LOIS is torn between DARH-NELL [his true name] and superman but she is pleased when the man of steel wants to marry her but she is furious that its a trick- a gangster wants to kill her and fail. Furious she tells supes off and goes off to get hitched to DARH-NEL in the future but his machine is damage so using dormigen gas they place themselves in suspended animation but DARH-NEL is immune to it so he places kryptonite next to it. Superman arrives and is so distraught that he hammers his fist into the mountains waking her and she rushes to his side but she turns to go back to DARH-NEL but to her horror sees him turn into KRYPTONITE killing him..

The plastimold machine was used in an issue called color me black..