A girl turns a large number of people (mostly girls) to stone using a black and purple petrification blast.  The transformation effect is shown as a very quick wave starting at the legs although the actual process is only shown once.  There's a wide variety of statues including stunned, shocked, scared, and annoyed girls. The statues are dark grey and have a rather pronounced stone texture.


From Wikipedia - "Anya, possessing Evangeline through the Star Crystal, turns Asuna against Negi and many of his allies into stone. But with the help of his remaining students, he's able to defeat her by making a Pactio with the vampire, which, alongside Chachamaru, completes his Pactio collection but does not get them out of trouble."


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"One of the first ASFR scenes I saw when I started looking for them on YouTube. It's pretty good with lots of statues, but the actual statue texture is too pronounced for my liking." 3/5 StoneLad


Petrification scenes as posted by CatgirlRiana