*Note: It's episode 33 in the English dub.


A group of girls dressed up as princesses walk into a dark room filled with lots of wax statues of girls also dressed as princesses. The statues have expressions ranging from stunned to sad to shocked. A villain shows up and fires wax at the new girls, turning them into wax statues as well. All statues are green and retain all details of their original forms.

When freed, the victims all examine themselves as if surprised to be returned to normal.


In Episode 37 of Sailor Moon (Episode 33 in the English Dub), a monster encases a group of students of the Princess seminar (including Sailors Mercury and Jupiter in non-sailor form) in wax. They are freed automatically upon defeat of the villain.


Review Score User
"A very nice scene with a lot of beautiful wax figures. I wish the effect were more pronounced than a recolor to green, but it's still wonderful. Also, the girl with the curls in her hair looking at her hand makes an extremely beautiful statue if I do say so myself!" 4/5


This is my best asfr episode! 5/5 Dororoaltiaizen1983