Note: It's the Season 1 Episode 2 in some countries.


A teenaged blonde girl is turned into stone after looking into a basilisk's eyes. The transformation is quite fast, starting from her eyes and spreading to all her body in an instant. The resulting statue has a shocked expression, its texture is brown-gray, and has no pupils.


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"A pretty good scene for a live action show. The resulting statue could be better, since it's nothing any of us couldn't do with Photoshop, but it was a nice surprise when we saw it for the first time, and the victim is cute. Unfortunately, we just see the statue from one angle." 4/5


"A rather quick scene but with a nice petrification effect. It would have been better had we seen more of the statue and it were more than just a photo manipulation." 3/5 StoneLad


Video by lamberman77