All 5 Pretty Cures are turned to stone while trying to fight the gorgon-esque villain Anacondy. Each statue is countered by Anacondy who uses her eyes to turn them to stone. Once her eyes flash, the victims have a stunned look on their faces. The petrification wave starts between the eyes and spreads down to the feet. After the head turns to stone, the arms typically drop to the side as if the fact that the Cures' brains turning to stone render them incapable of holding them up.

The statues are transported to the villain's lair who puts them into a gallery next to each other.


From the Pretty Cure wiki:

Episode 46 - As the gates to the Cure Rose Garden open, Anacondy appears. Everyone is taken to Eternal and are one by one turned into stone.

Episode 47 - Having made his way into the Cure Rose Garden, The Director proceeds to destroying everything in his sight. Back at Eternal, Milky Rose and Syrup desperately search for Nozomi and the others, who have been locked up in the display room as perfect statues.


Review Score User
"A very good scene, but not without its problems. The actual statue effect isn't as good as the first Pretty Cure scene. For two statues, the arms are seen turned to stone in the air but are later shown down at the side. The inconsistency really holds the scene back." 4/5 StoneLad